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Last afternoon together

My girlfriend, Lenka, built a beautiful relationship with this foal, Willow.

As you can see, Willow is clearly not in a perfect condition. She needs some cleaning, deworming, hooves healing, vitamins/minerals, and most of all – some love. But that depends solely on her owner, and from what i heard, it’s not easy to deal with this lady.

Despite her poor condition, Willow is really friendly, especially when you scratch her neck and chest. I actually had some difficulties focusing her, because she would follow me all across the pasture to get some pat on her back.

During the next few days, Willow is moving away from this stable, so this was probably their last afternoon spent together.
EDIT: Some good news – she won’t move that far, so we will definitely visit her.

The horse in background is Willow’s mother and she is moving with her child. Her state is alarming, too – she’s really skinny and almost bald in some spots. Yep, same owner.

More photos from this afternoon on Flickr – http://ift.tt/1toeJnT [photo by helb]